AusKreedz now Offline

With the change of hosts that underwent today, the game server’s that were previously hosted on the old host are now offline. I may eventually look at putting one or two servers up on this new server, but as I don’t use the servers anymore myself, and the servers just seemed to create more havoc than enjoyment, there isn’t much incentive to do so.

If you wish to run a server with the AusKreedz backend on it, then shoot me an email to (contact form is also available on the AusKreedz page), and I can look into helping you get this set up, but I will not run nor will I be responsible for what goes on in the servers.

I hope the users of AusKreedz enjoyed the time that they had their, it has been a pretty good two years, but unfortunately times change, and the costs for services I didn’t actually use became too prohibitive.

Monday, August 17th, 2009 Projects

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