AusKreedz is a project I’ve been working on for quite some time, which is an AMX Mod X mod for Counter Strike. This is designed for an offshoot of the usual game play called Kreedz or jump maps, allowing players to race each other from the start to the finish of the map. You can find further information on these at Xtreme-Jumps, which is the official Kreedz community.

Regarding the mod itself, this allows users to time themselves from start to finish, as well as offering a checkpointing system to allow users to save their progress and return to the point that they checkpointed at, in case they fall at a further point. This is all driven by a MySQL backend, and a Zend based PHP interface to the collected times and users is available on Hellface, which currently hosts both the servers and the front/backend to the mod, and you can view the information here.

This project has been abandoned, and the servers have been shut down.