Change of Hosts

Apologies to any visitors who experienced the downtime that was caused by the changeover of hosts that QuickProxy and my other sites underwent earlier today. The site was down for several hours (sadly caused by a mistake on my part), but now should be back (or coming back, depending on DNS cache’s and the like), and better than ever.

Work on the addon has been slow due to the workload my job is currently giving, but hopefully that will be changing not too far off (either one way or another), and I can then get to actually updating the extension to include some of the many features people have been requesting.

Don’t worry if you like the simplicity of the current extension, it won’t be bulked up with useless stuff and force you to wade through the preferences actually finding what you want. The new features are mainly focused on improving the usability of the extension (ie keyboard shortcuts) and making it compatible with other products (ie Thunderbird).

As always, I’m open to ideas/constructive criticism, so let me know what you would like in QuickProxy most, and if it doesn’t alter the extension too much, maybe you’ll have it included in a release sometime down the track.

Monday, August 17th, 2009 QuickProxy, Update

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