QuickProxy has moved

I’ve just completed the move of QuickProxy and sites under it to the new site. This will allow me to better integrate a system like TRAC (which I’m currently planning on doing for QuickProxy) with the site itself.

For those that frequent the site you may notice some cosmetic changes, which have also allowed me to turn on threaded comments for the blog, to better keep track of things that go on around here.

I’ve also been able to implement some of the features people have suggested or sent me code snippets for, and I hope to have a new version available soon.

Update: Users that have subscribed to my RSS feed will need to update the address, as this has also changed. Feedburner will redirect the old feeds for the next 30 days, but to ensure that you stay subscribed please update the feeds to either:

Hopefully with this new structure even if I migrate the site again the feeds will stay in place.

Friday, April 9th, 2010 QuickProxy, Update No Comments

Change of Hosts

Apologies to any visitors who experienced the downtime that was caused by the changeover of hosts that QuickProxy and my other sites underwent earlier today. The site was down for several hours (sadly caused by a mistake on my part), but now should be back (or coming back, depending on DNS cache’s and the like), and better than ever.

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Contact Forms

I’ve now added contact forms to both QuickProxy and AusKreedz pages. This will allow users of either to easily get in touch with me directly, to provide either feedback or bug reports/issues. I much prefer this over advertising my email address (which is different for both projects, allowing me to differentiate between the issues), as no matter how much you try to obscure the address it always seems to get farmed using some method and then passed onto whichever mailing lists. Google does have a fantastic spam filter, which does filter most of this out, but anything that I can do to minimize this is great. =)

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009 Update 12 Comments


Although there isn’t much here currently, I’ll be working on backporting updates to my separate projects to bring all the information back into one place. This will become the central point where I’ll be providing information on my current projects, as well as commenting on their status, and goals.

Monday, February 9th, 2009 Update 1 Comment