QuickProxy 2009.03.19 Delayed

Unfortunately the latest release of my extension has been held back in the Sandbox by the Mozilla addon editors. This is because QuickProxy used loose javascript variables in the code (and has done since its inception), which can cause conflicts. I’m not sure why this warranted it being held back, as there would be no more conflicts with the latest release than with users using the previous versions of the addon, but this has forced me to bump forward the recode of the extension to make the QuickProxy javascript into an object.

Currently this is around 80% completed, and I’m hoping to finish the code and begin testing shortly, although with all the changes that were required, testing may take a bit longer than the usual periods, as I’ll need to stress every part of the addon before I can submit the updated version.

I’ve also made a plea to the editors to appeal the decision to hold this back, as the bug that was corrected with the automatic behaviour of the proxy was a big issue for a number of users, and being able to finally resolve it had allowed me to look into a few of the feature requests that I have received. Nothing major will change in the extension, although there have been a few suggestions (as well as compatibility requests for other Mozilla applications), that I have taken into consideration as these don’t change the basics of the extension, and allow further functionality required or wanted by others.

The main feature that I’ll be working towards after the recode has been made public is the ability to add a keyboard shortcut to the proxy toggle, instead of requiring a mouse click of the icon. This feature will be optional, and be able to be turned on in the preferences, so that users that don’t use keyboard shortcuts (myself included) can choose not to enable this functionality. I’ll also be looking over the other applications that I can modify the extension to support, but as I only use FireFox, development for these may be slow.

Last but not least, I’ve received some great support from the translators over at Babelzilla, and I hope to be including some localizations that have been completed with the recoded release. Hopefully the translations will continue, and if you are able to translate QuickProxy into another language your support is greatly appreciated.

That’s all that’s on the cards at the moment, and hopefully all testing for the recode goes well, and I’ll be able to get the updated release out soon.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 QuickProxy

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