QuickProxy 2009.03.28 Approved!

The latest version of QuickProxy has now been approved by the Mozilla addon editors, and is now available publically for download on their site here. This release will hopefully be well met by users, as the main reason why I pressed so hard for this to be released was due to a fix with the automatic behaviour of the extension.

The automatic behaviour used to fire on the creation or destruction of new firefox windows, instead of the initial instance, and after many hours spent trying to work around this I was finally able to find a solution. Now that it has been released I’ve been made aware of a nicer way to hook the browser launch ability, and I’ll be testing further to see if I can implement this, as the method I use at the moment is somewhat of a dirty hack, and counts the number of Firefox instances open when a browser instance is launched. If the browser count is 1, it assumes that it is a fresh launch and runs the automatic behaviour. As I’m now able to use this method to hook the window creation, I no longer need to do anything when a browser instance is destroyed, which also cleaned up some of the code.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, but if you do have any issues with the extension, or any feedback (either positive or negative), feel free to either shoot me an email, or leave a comment on here, and I’ll get back to you about it.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 QuickProxy

4 comments on “QuickProxy 2009.03.28 Approved!”

  1. jan says:

    totally trivial addon – in the nicest possible sense. Does exactly as required and no more.
    small suggestion, see what you think: I have sometimes bypass proxy via QuickProxy for longer than I intended because it doesn’t ‘nag’ me to turn it back on. So, in the options under “select icon set” perhaps you could add another which is a flashing (via animated gif?) icon option, perhaps red/green or with irritating movement so your eye would be drawn to it. Would anyone else find that useful, or just me? Unless a substantial fraction of users would approve, it’s not worth it.
    Anyway, lovely minimal app. Keep up the simplicity.

    • Ozzie says:

      Adding a nag or a skin that has an animated status shouldn’t be too difficult. As this would be a configuration option it shouldn’t impact poorly onto existing users that don’t want it. I’ll have a look around to see what I can do in regards to this. For the irritating movement part, I’m not sure if I’d be able to do that, but I could definitely look into one of the other options.

  2. Zrk says:

    Hi ! and first of all THANK YOU for this sooo useful addon.

    I noticed the new button to access the Proxy settings of FF from QuickProxy options and I was happy to try it.
    But there is a bug (?) on my configuration (Firefox 3.1 beta 3) : Whatever changes i do they are not saved when i press the OK button.
    For example i’m trying a list of proxies in order to find one which works so i test one by one given IPs but it doesn’t work if I do the change using the button of QuickProxy (Though it works if i go by Options > Advanced > Network > Settings (maybe this isn’t the accurate translation as I am a french user and my FF is in french ^^))

    Any solution ?

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